The Philosophy beyond the Strategic Management

The Philosophy beyond the Strategic Management


Dr. Abdulraheem Mohamed

Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement consultant

Strategic Management is the backbone for strategic planning, without strategic management the strategic planning becomes nothing . SM means putting the strategic plan into action because strategic planning consists of vision ,mission,values and strategic goals, while SM all the previous in addition to execuation, fallow up and continues   measurement   . We can imagine SM as a movie, the phase of design strategic planning is the story of the Film , the strategic plan document is the scenario, and executing the strategic plan is directing.

That is means, in order to make difference and achieving strong results you need to design a perfect strategic plan and have financial, technical and human resource to implemented . The role of staff management is allocation this resources in the right time and right place. There is something important for implementing the strategic plan, we must bearing in our mind , it is more important than the strategy itself. This pivotal thing is the measurement and continuous assessment, it is very important because it helps people who are implementing the strategy to discover the knowing-doing gap and take the corrective action.


Author: د. عبدالرحيم محمد عبدالرحيم

إستشاري التخطيط الإستراتيجي وقياس الأداء المؤسسي والتدريب - أستاذ الإدارة العامة المشارك - كلية المجتمع

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