Leadership Competences Framework إطار القائد الكفؤ

Leadership Competences Framework


he leadership framework is closely linked to the Centrica values - trust, pride, challenge, support and passion for customers. The behavioural indicators for each competency provide examples of how the core competencies are actually displayed in the things we do and say. They help us to focus on how we do things, as well as what we do. The leadership competencies empower employees to manage their own  careers and provides  a  tool  for  proactive  development  and  planning



Author: د. عبدالرحيم محمد عبدالرحيم

دكتور عبدالرحيم محمد عبدالرحيم استشاري التخطيط الاستراتيجي وقياس الأداء المؤسسي والتدريب عضو هيئة تدريس (منتدب) – كلية المجتمع – دولة قطر drabdo68@yahoo.com www.dr-ama.com

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